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As a former Army PAO, I enjoy ribbing the Chair Air Force every now and then.

But when they do interesting things, I need to give them kudos.

Yesterday, Capt. Dave Faggard from Air Force Public Affairs posted a call out to airmen around the world to create their own video showing why he or she has the best job in the Air Force.

While the video promoting the effort is somewhat bland (check out the link above to see what I mean), I am a huge fan of the concept. Getting real airmen to show the American people what they do is a great idea — and can be a great tool for recruiting.

Why? Because the videos are real. No one is more knowledgable, passionate and excited about the work of airmen than the airman him or herself. This kind of authenticity comes across in video; viewers are likely to have a great deal of trust for the people appearing on camera if it is real rather than produced.

Furthermore, a lot of the “official” video content created by professional communicators (both in and out of the military), frankly, SUCKS. It is bland and corporate and boring.

The Navy has already proven the grassroots video can be fun and memorable, and even viral when posted online.

I’m excited to see what the Air Force gets out of this.

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… And you can see it on YouTube:

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Troops LOVE beef jerky

From the YouTube:

You know another good way to support the troops, Iowa College Republican leader Ben Johnson? By serving your country with them.

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Do you want to hear a war story? 

Looks pretty intense.

Interesting tidbit: This movie is premiering tonight on HDNet Movies. It hits theaters on Friday.

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And if you don’t get the parody…


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From the organization that brought you the Internet, it is not surprising that the Pentagon is taking online video to the next level.

Through a multi-million dollar contract with DARPA, BBN Technologies has developed a solution to digitally analyze online video content from sites like YouTube and Google video and create transcripts from audio content.

You can find out more about this technology from beet.tv, but in case you don’t realize, this is huge. This video interview from BBN representative Alex Laats explains:

In the last few months video has exploded online. I predict a year from now, it will be even more ingrained into online culture because it will be fully searchable as well.

On a related note, BBN is doing some other really cool things to help the warfighter (and the everyday man in an increasingly global econom

(Thanks, pmg!)

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