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Civil War?

Yesterday, NBC News announced that they would officially begin referring to the conflict in Iraq as a civil war.How has the online world been talking about it?

Here is a chart for posts containing “Iraq” and “Civil War” from Technorati over the last month:

Seems to be going up. Now here is the same chart over the last year:

Notice the volume of Iraq and civil war talk in the online world last March.

Make of it as you will.

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One week after the elections that swept the Democrats into power and lead to the “offing” of Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld can hardly be considered removed enough from the event to give thoughtful commentary and reflection.

That won’t stop me.

Democrats, Republicans and pundits of all ideological persuasions agree — it was all about the war in Iraq. They had argued that the mismanagement of the war had been an issue for weeks and there had been a steady drum beat for SecDef’s resignation.

The question is, did we see this online?

From Technorati, here is a graph of posts that contain Rumsfeld per day for the last 30 days:

Technorati Chart

If the conventional wisdom were correct, it is more likely that the spike seen when it was announced that Rumsfeld would be stepping down would have been proceeded by an uptick in conversation about SecDef prior to the election, or at least most posts about him. This was not the case.

What does that mean? I’m not sure.

But it might mean that Don took a fall in the name of the real target of Americans’ souring attitudes towards the war — the President himself.

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