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Check out Jim Stogdill’s thoughts on the benefits of an online PowerPoint sharing site for the military: Slideshare.mil.

Its a great concept. Which is why the Pentagon would never adopt it.

The only way I could see the military’s network administrators to agree to building this is if it were housed on Defense Knowledge Online. And access to various slide groups would be restricted based on position and clearance level. And even then you might not be able to see what you are looking for.

But great idea Jim. And love your Photoshop work.


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Everyone in the Pentagon loves slides. For some ungodly reason.

So for all you Puzzle Palace types, here are some more good slides (I’ve posted some slides before) about Social Media: Evolution to Execution.

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That is the best new phrase I have heard to describe the nature of online relationships.

For military folks interested in learning more about how people interact online, what better than a slide deck?

(h/t Leah)

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