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Dear Dawn Rowan,

You don’t make friends in the blogosphere by sending (multiple!) copies of your press release, embedded in an e-mail, to a blogger.

This is especially true when your press release is about a restaurant (!!) selecting an ad agency is its “agency of record” (!!!) to run a new cutting edge campaign (!!!!) that I couldn’t care less about.

Feel free to check out some tips on blogger relations. Cause right now, Dawn Rowan, you are pretty darn bad at it. Much worse than Lucas Dressel. And LT Gay.


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Don’t spam bloggers. Especially with 35MB worth of e-mail attachments that end up clogging up their in boxes.

I might have been interested in what you were sending me had it been presented in a more audience-friendly format. Instead, your e-mails got the boot.

Better luck next time,

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Come on, Bryan

So I thought Bryan from the Center for Security Policy had learned a bit about pitching bloggers since he last pitched the D-Ring (here and here).

Apparently I was wrong.

I just got another pitch from Bryan. And from it, I give you today’s lesson on blogger relations:if you have pitched a blogger before, and have had multiple back-and-forth exchanges with him or her via e-mail, do not re-introduce yourself and your organization in a subsequent pitch. At that point, the blogger should know you and who you represent.

That is the consequence of sending out form e-mails to bloggers. Without a personal touch, they undermine the relationships you have worked to establish.

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I have gotten a second pitch from New Media Strategies about Discovery Channel’s My War Diary series (disclosure: NMS is a PR firm that does online communications work for various clients. I also work at a PR firm doing online communications).

The pitch wasn’t bad (although the guy pitching me didn’t disclose the fact that he was working at a PR firm being paid by Discovery Communications), and I think the concept for My War Diary (a television program completely made up of organic video from theater submitted by Soldiers) is very cool.

So I’m biting. They are looking for more submissions. Videos can be submitted online or by mail.

My open question to NMS though — this is the second pitch for the series I have received in 4 months. Are Soldiers not submitting video?

If you have more questions about My War Diary, e-mail Discovery Communications.

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You might have noticed a new RSS feed in the right-hand column. That is because today, United States Joint Forces Command is beginning to liveblog a homeland security exercise they are conducting: “Noble Resolve.”

From enterprising PAO Spc. Andrew Orillion:

We will be live blogging from the site of the first “Noble Resolve”, a
series of homeland defense experiments using the latest in modeling and
simulation technology. The objective is to examine ways to improve
defense support of civilian authorities before and during man-made and
natural disasters. You can more here

This is a huge event with officials from U.S. Northern, European,
Pacific, Strategic and Transformation commands, the Coast Guard,
Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Emergency Management
Agency among the more than 100 participants attending the event.
Officials from the Canadian and German military will also be present.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the command has used liveblogging — which is good, because this type of event is the perfect platform.

I’ll have the feed up for the duration of the exercise.

Great job JFCOM in taking an innovative approach to tell your story.

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A lot of military organizations have contacted me in the past few weeks for some tips on reaching out to the blogosphere.

I think this great post from Beltway Blogroll (a must read, IMHO) sums it up best:

Washington flacks should read it and ponder what will work best for them. Here it is:

Church Of The Customer: “Get to know bloggers before pitching them. Build a relationship before a pitch. Introduce yourself to a blogger with an email or phone call. Explain your work and your clients. Ask … if future news about your industry or clients is of interest to them. Seek permission.”

Emergence Media, which has compiled a guide on how to pitch bloggers: “It’s one thing to know the A-list bloggers; its another to know what mid-tier blogs they read. Just like in regular PR, you may need to hit the mid-tier bloggers (who are read by the A-list bloggers) before you get covered by the big leagues. Don’t be fooled by looking only at Alexa data or Technorati rankings; see who links to them, too.”

WebProNews: “I’ve been involved in several blogger outreach efforts recently. In each case, I carefully read several posts and comments, along with ‘About This Blog’ details, then crafted an individual message to that blogger. … [M]ost bloggers appreciate solid content they can write about that’s consistent with the focus of their blogs, assuming you approach them correctly.”

It’s all about relationships, folks. So play nice with bloggers.

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It looks like the second unified command has jumped head-first into the blogosphere.

I am not the only one who received the e-mail from United States Joint Forces Command (you can read about their outreach here and here), but it is nice to see another major DoD command reaching out to bloggers to help tell their story.

Good work.

If they are really smart, they will dedicate resources to try what CENTCOM is doing on YouTube. Granted, this requires people, time and money, but it should be easily achievable with one or two more broadcasters assigned to JFCOM.

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