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RTO Trainer from Signaleer had a great comment to the news about the Pentagon (read: Army Web Risk Assessment Cell, or AWRAC) getting sued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for monitoring what milbloggers are saying online.

I had to post it in full:

As an individual with a blog who has been contacted by the program I can’t find anything offensive about it.

I wasn’t ordered to do anything. I simply received an e-mail that said, we noticed you posted X and that might not be such a good idea if you think about it.

I thought about it and adjusted fire.

As for monitoring… so what? We chose to put our ramblings out there in public in order for people to see it. I can divine no expectation of privacy here. And we, as Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen, have (lightly) proscribed 1st amendment rights in other media.

Finally, the DoD had a duty to protect its members and to assess risk to us. So… I can find no foul here.

I strongly suspect that the “monitoring” is no more than subscribing to RSS feeds and occassional visits to sites that don’t have them.

RTO gets it. Monitoring isn’t about supressing speech. It is about protecting the men and women on the frontlines. Milblogging is important, and I am a huge champion of the power and effectiveness of it. But it needs to be carefully balanced with a concern for the safety of servicemembers.

In other news, ARNews published another story abot AWRAC (complete with a really bad cartoon). Lets see if this one causes as much furvor as the last.

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