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It seems like…

The Army Web Risk Assessment Cell has some new toys with which to track blogs.

Anyone from AWRAC wish to share? I’d love to hear more…


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Under the category of new-to-me-milblogs, check out fewl.net, a blog written by a sailor stationed in Japan.

One of my favorites is his redacted blog post, poking fun at blog censorship:


The rest is just as good. You won’t be disappointed.

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Army of Four

My boss at Edelman (you know, the one who co-founded that little conservative political blog…) used to joke that I write in a niche of one. The world of military public affairs writers is so small that no one else would write about it, he reasoned.

Then I found this guy. And this one.

And today, we have another in our ranks.

Check out Beyond Blather, written by a 24-year military communications veteran and instructor at the Defense Information School.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Chad.

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Ok… so I’m a week late on this one (he announced it last Tuesday on his blog), but for some reason I just got the post in my feeds this morning. Damn you, Bloglines!

Here’s the (not-so) scoop:

“Teflon Don,” the milblogger who regaled us with his impressive prose and chronicles of his deployment to Iraq on his blog Acute Politics, is going back to Iraq — this time out of uniform.

From his blog:

I am not going back with the Army, this time, though that may still occur at some point in the future. I am going back of my own free will- I am becoming a participant in this great experiment of independent, citizen journalism. I am going back to Iraq as a photojournalist, accredited by the recently developed Public Multimedia, Inc.

If you would like to donate towards the purchase of equipment for my trip and receive some return on your investment (besides quality journalism, of course!), there is a new photo album up. Viewing is free- the photos are also available for purchase as high-quality prints. All proceeds will go directly to benefit citizen journalism.

This is great news, in my humble opinion. TD is an incredible writer. The community of milbloggers thinks so too — he handily won the Milbloggies last year for best U.S. Army Milblog.

If you have any doubts, read this. After reading that post, I subscribed to his blog.

I’m be excited to see what he brings us next…

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Weekend Reading

If you haven’t yet read Muddy Boots IO: The Rise of Soldier Blogs, you should.

It was written by MAJ Beth Robbins, who I had the pleasure of working with at the Pentagon. She held positions in planning, media relations, and took a significant role in standing up the Soldier’s Media Center a few years ago.

All around, she is a rockstar officer.

So check it out. It’s a good read.

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Check out Castle Argghhh! for details.

Apparently, this is the first time a sitting president has had a sit-down with a group of bloggers at the White House.

Glad the White House press office decided to reach out to the milblogging community first!

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Man down?

I noticed today that Army Lawyer’s blog appears to have been deleted and replaced with a standard WordPress welcome.

Was the anonymity of this active duty officer compromised?

Regardless, it is disappointing. Army Lawyer was one of my favorite reads in the milblogosphere.

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