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Pronet Advertising Blog has a great pictorial showing the differences between marketing, public relations, advertising and branding:


Based on this, I would say that the military is good at marketing and advertising and lousy at public relations and branding.

Unfortunately, in an age where media consumers have the power, having a strong brand and good public relations seem much more important than being able to market and advertise.

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NASCAR and recruiting

We are about one month away from Daytona, where the new Army-sponsored driving duo of veteran Mark Martin and rookie Regan Smith will debut driving the 01 Army car in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series.

The Army isn’t the only military organization that sponsors a NASCAR driver. The National Guard, the Air Force and the Navy all have drivers as well (though not all in the Nextel Cup Series; the Navy, for example, sponsors a Busch League car).

The question I have (and have had for a while) is how effective are these sponsorships? Is the ROI really worth the millions of dollars the military is investing in NASCAR sponsorships?

I haven’t seen numbers on how many leads and contracts are generated through NASCAR, so hopefully someone with more information will be able to let me know if these sponsorships provide the results the military is hoping for.

Investing a fraction of that cost into social media tactics might yield just as valuable results.

I can only wonder if the only reason that services sponsor NASCAR cars is because some general/admiral thinks that having a car is “cool.”

(As a side note, if you Google “Army NASCAR,” the first result is the goarmy.com NASCAR page. This is good. What isn’t good is that the driver of the Army 01 car is listed as Joe Nemechek, who is no longer the Army driver. The goarmy.com folks might want to fix that.)

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