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And in other logo news…

Blackwater USA also has a new logo. I think they have a few problems greater than branding however…

Is it much of an upgrade from this? Maybe there is a less direct allusion to a target, but… well, I’ll let you judge.

Read more in the New York Times.

Update: From an enterprising comment at Danger Room, here is a new proposal for a Blackwater logo:

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The CIA has a “Terrorist Buster” logo:

I wish I were kidding.

(Hotel Tango: Danger Room)

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Apparently, the blogosphere is buzzing about the logos of terrorist organizations.

Ironic Sans has an interesting breakdown of the various types of imagery associated with terrorist organizations and examines common themes that unite them, such as the use of stars, weapons and the state of Israel.

But if there is a must read on this topic, it is Media Circus, where David Friedman and Ellen Butters offer their impressions of terrorist logos.

My favorite part of that post?


Ellen: The Jihad in Sweden logo is another one that doesn’t really communicate terror. It reminds me of a Grateful Dead T-shirt.

David: There’s a Jihad in Sweden?

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