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D-Ring Quick Links

Former Pentagon colleague (then LTC, now COL Derik Crotts) sent a somewhat stilted pitch to Danger Room, but I applaud the effort. Welcome to the blogosphere, SHAPE. For your next outreach effort, maybe try not sending something on official military letterhead.

I became famous from participating in the “best Web 2.0 seminar yet.” Ignore the bad picture.

Edelman (my employer) released the 2008 Trust barometer. Really interesting stuff about the attitudes of opinion leaders. Check out the key findings here.

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Link Friday

Redstate flames Redacted. (You can view the trailer here.)

Towleroad talks about a more political version of “flags in.” (You can read about Arlington Cemetery’s tradition here.)

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Monday blog-tipping

Visit Transformation Tracker. Sean Lawson is a smart guy.

I mean, friggn’ Ph.D smart.

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Mil-comm links

Wow. Lots of news today in the world of military communication:

I’m sure I’ll be digging into these more later. Just too much news (and that pesky round-the-clock day job).

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I can’t believe I haven’t found this one sooner.

<Steve kicks himself>

I encourage everyone interested in government communications and new media to check out SoSaidThe.org, a blog by Colin McKay (the Canuckflack).

While you’re there, be sure to read his thoughts on blogger outreach for government agencies.

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The military isn’t the only organization uncomfortable with blogging. It looks like the NCAA is too. (Issue Dynamics)

Cell phones becoming the “go-to” gadget. Mobile marketing for the military, anyone? (Communications Overtones)

A great lesson on online communication from my Edelman colleague Steve Rubel. The future is about participation, not pitching. (Micro Persuasion)

It turns out the April/May hoopla over a supposed “crackdown” on milbloggers hasn’t had the effect that the Chicken Littles of the blogosphere assumed (as I said back then). Want proof? JP Borda of Milblogging fame says that his ability to blog during his deployment hasn’t been impacted at all. (Milblogging.com)

Thats all for now.

Also, many of you have noticed that I have been posting much less frequently and not responding to e-mails. I am truly sorry for that, but life has been crazy for the last few weeks — work, school and I am about to close on my first home in Washington, DC. Once I move into my new place, I hope to get into a more regular blogging pattern again.

Stay tuned. More coming from the D-Ring shortly.

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Around the blogosphere

RedState is raising money to go to Iraq.

Life Off Balance is mad about amused by ubiquitous ads in the Metro for the C-27J Cargo Aircraft.

Milblogging.com has a lot of good Minnesota military blogs.

And as for me? I will be stepping out of the D-Ring for a few days as I move into my great new apartment in D.C. — an apartment that won’t have Internet access until next Thursday.

Have a good week, y’all.

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