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You might have noticed a new RSS feed in the right-hand column. That is because today, United States Joint Forces Command is beginning to liveblog a homeland security exercise they are conducting: “Noble Resolve.”

From enterprising PAO Spc. Andrew Orillion:

We will be live blogging from the site of the first “Noble Resolve”, a
series of homeland defense experiments using the latest in modeling and
simulation technology. The objective is to examine ways to improve
defense support of civilian authorities before and during man-made and
natural disasters. You can more here

This is a huge event with officials from U.S. Northern, European,
Pacific, Strategic and Transformation commands, the Coast Guard,
Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Emergency Management
Agency among the more than 100 participants attending the event.
Officials from the Canadian and German military will also be present.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the command has used liveblogging — which is good, because this type of event is the perfect platform.

I’ll have the feed up for the duration of the exercise.

Great job JFCOM in taking an innovative approach to tell your story.


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