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insa_logo.jpgJust talked to Jason Kello, spokesman for the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, a relatively new association representing the interests of the intelligence community, located just across the Potomac in Arlington, Va.

Here is what INSA has to say about they spy community’s effort to use new media to support mission objectives:

Yesterday, the CIA released a report that outlined how their efforts to hunt al-Queda prior to 9/11 failed. This report highlights the lack of information sharing between analysts and the communication barriers that prevented a full picture of the threat from being turned into actionable intelligence. The Intelligence Community has begun to recognize that social networking platforms in the private sector have hit on a unique way to encourage more efficient collaboration among analysts to create a more vibrant intelligence picture quicker.

Amen, INSA. They understand that we shouldn’t be afraid of technology. Quite the contrary.

Next month, INSA will be hosting a conference with DNI to glean new media lessons from the private sector and academia, and develop additional ways to use these technologies to support the goals and objectives of the intelligence community. Not being a part of the intellegista, I can’t go. But if you are there, would love to hear about it.

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