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Update on Gen. Pace

Ok, so not really an update, but the blogosphere continues to churn:

Makes you realize when something is absolutely ridiculous.

(Thanks LJ! )

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Hell hath no fury

… Like a bloggers scorn.

At least Gen. Pace has learned that today.

More than a few bloggers (here, here, here, here and here just to name a few of the more prominent ones) are jumping up and down on the Chairman for his remarks that “homosexuality is immoral.” He blamed cited his Christian upbringing as the source of his statement.

I am extremely disappointed.

First, I may be wrong (I am Jewish), but I thought I remember that Jesus saying something to the effect of he who is without sin casting the first stone.

Second, since when is it the role of the CJCS to be America’s moral cheerleader? His job is to fight and win wars, not lecture us on morality. If he had a relevant comment about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and unit cohesion, that is one thing. (Personal aside, I think DADT is stupid and gays should be allowed to serve openly. And my general feeling is that most milbloggers don’t give a damn if there are gays in the military.)

I found a comment by a former Soldier posted to a Chicago Tribune blog to be especially poignant:

In the immortal words of my drill sergeant way back in 1980, “Who the —- died and left YOU God?!” I spent 8 years in the Army, 3 on active duty and 5 in the reserves, ending my career as a reserve drill instructor. I left the Army, reluctantly, in order to come out and, in the “moral” sense, to stop having to lie and lie and lie every day of my service.

I knew many gay and lesbian soldiers, enlisted, warrant and officer alike, I knew the late Sgt. Perry Watkins who achieved a landmark victory in 1991 against the Army’s gay ban, and it’s a crying shame that this kind of deliberate ignorance still prevails. Keep in mind that this Pace character is a Marine, not regular Army, and his comments lend credence to the canard that the USMC is our least intelligent service. Not too bright, Pete.

I live in NYC metro and work in high-tech and am constantly being recruited by companies based in Chicago and the Midwest. Many of the comments posted on this site regarding this issue remind me why I will not relocate my family to the Midwest for any reason. Your loss, our gain. In the meantime, as good Christians, my gay husband and I will pray for your enlightenment. As for Gen. Pace, he should be immediately relieved of his position and put to work emptying the bedpans of wounded gay veterans.

As much as I disagree with you, General, you are free to think what you want. The bottom line, however, is that you are a public figure and your comments stepped over the line.

So this is what you get. Take a look at what your fans at Perez Hilton created:

A million people saw that picture today, Mr. Chairman.

Welcome to the blogosphere.

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