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DVIDS on Twitter

dvids-twitterDon’t know what DVIDS is? Don’t know what Twitter is?

I encourage you to check both out.

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E-mails to bloggers like this.

To catch you up, a blog posted an image from DVIDS of a female Soldier. DVIDS is a distribution service managed by the U.S. Army for the Department of Defense to get out video, audio, written and still image content from Iraq and Afghanistan to the media and general public.

The image wasn’t unflattering at all — it showed her doing her job. The blogger (completely within the terms of use on DVIDS) downloaded the picture and attributed it to DVIDS. He did, however, (and I’ll admit, somewhat inappropriately) label the image in a post titled “Our Best: Babe Edition.”

He goes on to receive a message from a NCO chastising him for calling the woman a “babe” and asking him to take down the reference.

I’d read the e-mail exchange between the two as a case study of how NOT to approach this situation. It is also a mind boggling example of creative grammar and punctuation by a public affairs NCO. Last time I checked, the public affairs people were supposed to be the professional communicators…

h/t: Kaye

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