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How does one write a scholarly analysis of the online conversation about the war in Iraq without citing milblogs?

I’m not sure, but apparently, it has been done.

I came across this paper, published in the latest edition of the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication while doing research for a paper I am working on for one of my graduate classes. I’m not writing about the milblogosphere, but the latest edition has an entire section on online communication in the war on terrorism, so naturally, it caught my eye.

Above is a map of the blogs that the authors examined in their study (liberal leaning blogs are coded blue, conservative ones are red).

So where is milblogging.com? Where are Blackfive and Greyhawk and Hook? How can these guys be left out?

Maybe that is the real problem — people are looking at Iraq through a prism of left and right, rather than right and wrong. What is good for their country and what is good for our country.

How about less politics and more solutions? Maybe if the authors who conduted this study had listened to the milbloggers, they might have had some.

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