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Leaving the D-Ring. Again.

Two years ago, on the blog that preceeded The D-Ring, I announced that I was leaving the Pentagon to join a top-notch group of digital strategists at Edelman.

Today, I’m writing for two reasons.

First, I have left my job at Edelman for a media relations position at BAE Systems. It was a very difficult decision to leave a company I loved so much, but it was the right one for me at this time. I’m sad to leave behind some of the most creative, talented and good people I’ve ever worked with.

Second, I’m going to be suspending my writing at the D-Ring Blog. (Not that I’ve been writing much here lately anyhow.) I want to settle into my new job and from there, I will decide whether or not I can continue to write about the military and new media as a member of the defense community, rather than a public relations outsider who is looking in.

I’ve gotten to know some great people across the country and around the world through this blog, and I’ll certainly stay in touch. Milbloggers are doing a great thing not only for the field of communications, but for the men and women who are serving our country. You can’t keep me too far away from such good.

See you round the blogosphere,

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