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Hey D-Ringers,

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. It has been busy at work. And I had a birthday. And my little brother from my fraternity got married. Good times.

Anyhow, in the world of “pitches that made me go ‘hrmmm,'” I give you the latest installment from LT Cragg  at OSD(PA):


We have a Bloggers Roundtable scheduled for Thursday, June 5 @ 1100 ET w/Bruce West, Chief Scientist, U.S. Army Research Office, Mathematical and Information Science.

TOPIC: The causes of global warming may not be what you think — Dr. Bruce West discusses recent research into how global warming may be caused by more solar cycles than human influences.

Please let me know if you can attend.


LT Jennifer Cragg

New Media Directorate

Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs

Overall pitch form? Not bad. But the topic? Not so sure that hosting a roundtable about why global warming is a myth is the best idea right now. The Pentagon already has tons of critics who are accusing the roundtables of being propaganda forums for the administration (though they are not).

You are dealing with a pretty unpopular war. Why open yourself up to more attacks on an issue that isn’t what the DoD is known for?

Besides, do you really want to be pissing off Al Gore?

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