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Came earlier today from OSD Public Affairs. It came from Jack Holt, the chief of their new media operations.

Who wants to talk to the guy who flew the first C130 relief flight into Burma?

Bloggers Roundtable w/Capt. Trevor Hall, USAF, the pilot-in-command of the C-130 Hercules transport aircraft to fly the first emergency relief supplies into Rangoon International Airport in Burma.

Wednesday 14 May
0900 Eastern

Can you make it?

Awesome story. Timely. Brief and to the point. And finally recognizes that not all the good military stories (in fact I would say few of the good military stories) come from men and women with stars on their shoulders.

Put the people on the front lines front and center more often.

Too bad I can’t make the call. Hooah, Jack.

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I’ve already written about the New York Times non-story expose on the efforts of the Pentagon to provide briefings to retired generals who serve as military analysts for television media about ongoing action in Iraq and Afghanistan. You know, things they might have interest in knowing about.

Well, apparently a bunch of e-mails, memos, fact sheets and other boring pieces of paper related to this program got FOIA’ed, and OSD has released them.

Take this group of documents for example. Other than former political appointee Dallas Lawrence’s occasional bad grammar and use of text message abbreviations in his correspondence, the most interesting thing about these e-mails is how frequently the e-mail addresses are redacted. All of the blocked out passages are labeled (b)(6). How cryptic!

Shall we play a game? Who are these mystery junior-to-mid-level communicators at the Pentagon?

I’m probably the only one who thinks this is remotely interesting.

But if you care to play, there are hundreds of pages of documents for your pleasure. Enjoy!

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It seems like…

The Army Web Risk Assessment Cell has some new toys with which to track blogs.

Anyone from AWRAC wish to share? I’d love to hear more…

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