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Stupid move, USAF

But great reporting from Noah.

The Air Force is tightening restrictions on which blogs its troops can read, cutting off access to just about any independent site with the word “blog” in its web address. It’s the latest move in a larger struggle within the military over the value — and hazards — of the sites.  At least one senior Air Force official calls the squeeze so “utterly stupid, it makes me want to scream.”

Until recently, each major command of the Air Force had some control over what sites their troops could visit, the Air Force Times reports. Then the Air Force Network Operations Center, under the service’s new “Cyber Command,” took over.

If sunlight is the best disinfectant, hopefully the uproar over this monumentally STUPID decision will reverse the the Air Force’s course of action.

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More to come on this soon. For now, check out the video on YouTube (unless you are reading from a military computer, in which case, you can’t see it):

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See? The U.S. military isn’t the only one blocking access to YouTube! In addition to Pakistan, the American military is among actors like Brazil, China, Iran, Morocco, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Syria and Thailand, which all block the video sharing site.

Good to see we are in good company. <rolls eyes>

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… And you can see it on YouTube:

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A new must read

I don’t know Guy Hagen, but I must say I am impressed with him.

Guy is the president of Innovation Insight, a Florida company that specializes in technology development and research consulting. He has a great post on military and new media communication. I’d encourage that you read it.

I am not sure I fall in line with his thinking 100%. For example, I think that the recruiters are way ahead of the rest of the military on new media adoption; the use of web 2.0 to help with recruiting is at the bottom of his list, almost as an afterthought. Also, I am not sure that the Pentagon’s approach to new media (where and when it does) is quite at the level of “strategic PR” as Guy suggests.

But his writing is great and you can tell this guy is smart. On top of that, he knows how to talk to bloggers and what makes a good pitch.

Intel2.0 is now on my reading list.

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E-mails to bloggers like this.

To catch you up, a blog posted an image from DVIDS of a female Soldier. DVIDS is a distribution service managed by the U.S. Army for the Department of Defense to get out video, audio, written and still image content from Iraq and Afghanistan to the media and general public.

The image wasn’t unflattering at all — it showed her doing her job. The blogger (completely within the terms of use on DVIDS) downloaded the picture and attributed it to DVIDS. He did, however, (and I’ll admit, somewhat inappropriately) label the image in a post titled “Our Best: Babe Edition.”

He goes on to receive a message from a NCO chastising him for calling the woman a “babe” and asking him to take down the reference.

I’d read the e-mail exchange between the two as a case study of how NOT to approach this situation. It is also a mind boggling example of creative grammar and punctuation by a public affairs NCO. Last time I checked, the public affairs people were supposed to be the professional communicators…

h/t: Kaye

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I’ve been busy…

So I haven’t had much time for blogging. Or to write about some REALLY big pieces of big news from my little corner of interest in the blogosphere (here, here and here). I’ll get to them soon.

Besides working, I have been getting ready to start contributing to a new blog — Generation Obama.

Yes, I am an Obama fan. And I’m not the only milblogger who is.

So there will be more from me in the D-Ring. And you can read what I have to say about politics on the new blog.

Either way, you’ll be hearing from me soon.

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