The D-Ring

Becoming a micro-niche


Or, in other words, how do you carve out your space in the blogosphere?

I had an interesting back-and-forth with prolific PR blogger Todd Defren of SHiFT Communications about the role of leadership in the blogosphere.

While he noted several A-listers such as Scoble, Rubel and Weiner, I pointed out that in the blogosphere is not a monolithic entity, and there are several niches and micro-niches that have their own leaders.

The trick with blogging is carving out your niche and owning that space. Demonstrate your leadership with your specific area of expertise.

Take my blog for example. Does the D-Ring have massive readership? Of course not. Blogs with much broader appeal, such as Danger Room and BlackFive are much more highly trafficked. The defense communications industry is a niche within a niche; it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

But I do try to make the D-Ring a first stop for people who are interested in military public relations.

Your niche within a niche doesn’t have to be large. Take, for example, the new blog by Mark Goode of CommerceBasix, a small defense contractor focused on acquisition reform. A tiny community. But his blog is well written, he does a great job of participating in the blogosphere (he tipped me off to his blog with a very well crafted e-mail introduction/pitch), and he showcases his company’s expertise.

Mark is working on owning the defense acquisition space in the milblogosphere. And I bet that he and his company will succeed.

So ask yourself — what is your niche in your niche of the blogosphere?