The D-Ring

One Year in the D-Ring


Wow. A year went by so fast.

I’ve been blogging for longer than a year (you can see my first attempt at blogging — but be prepared to laugh at me), but as of today, The D-Ring is one year old.

Who knew I’d still be blogging here after a year. Or that I’d have as many readers as I do. For a long time, I thought only my mom would want to read this stuff. She does read The D-Ring, by the way. Hi, mom.

A lot has changed in a year. I left the Pentagon for a new job (and have since gotten a new title). I’ve left apartment living in the Virginia suburbs and moved into a condo in the heart of Washington, DC. I’ve met some really interesting people, both online and in person.

Some of the highlights:

So thanks to you all. Milbloggers. PR Bloggers. Friends and Family. I have you all to thank for the D-Ring. Here’s to the next 365 days in The D-Ring.