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What is Twitter?


A few days ago, a former Pentagon colleague asked me what Twitter was and if it had any importance.

I was inspired by this to write a post. A few people smarter than I, however, beat me to the punch.

Kami Huyse turned to her Twitter network to answer the question “What is Twitter.” She had a lot of good answers, but none of them were a repetition of the site’s mantra of what it is: a service that answers the question “what are you doing now?”

PR Squared’s Todd Defren takes the discussion of Twitter to the next level and discusses its application for communications programs. It is an interesting approach, but a bit advanced, and caters a bit too much to the early-adopter crowd.

And for those with a traditional-media-centric approach to communications, Smart Mobs’ Garrit Visser has a must-read post on how reporters are using Twitter to help them do their jobs. Another example of how new media and “old media” are merging.

Check each post out. And giver Twitter a try.