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AFN Hawaii advances new media (unofficially)


A while ago, I was pointed to the new (unofficial) site created to promote the news and events of U.S. Pacific Command. It was created by enterprising folks from AFN Hawaii, probably because the command’s official position was to fear new media and not embrace it.

The site takes advantage of multi-media in an incredibly successful way — hosting text, photos and video in an easy to navigate format. Overall, the design is sleek and inviting, save the video archives, which could be presented better. (I don’t fault them too much though since this is an unofficial site that I am sure was created in spare time). The news content is even published in a blog format with links to related audio and video content, as well as a comments section.

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to the RSS feed here.

The Web site is a strong group effort, but I am pretty sure I can guess who was the brains behind this creation. Well done.

To the other DOD PAOs, take notice. These guys are kicking your butts. Unofficially.