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NAVCENT Podcasting

I’ve written about the cool things that NAVCENT (the Navy’s component of United States Central Command) is doing with new media. But after a good pitch from MC2 Northnagle, I decided to post again.

As you might know, the Navy folks serving in the Middle East put out a podcast highlighting what sailors, Marines and coasties are doing overseas. You can listen to the episodes individually on their Web site or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Thumbs up: Great concept, interesting idea, and very genuine. Major bonus points for actually creating a podcast and not just repurposing old audio.

Things to work on: Making it sound more professional. Just because it is a podcast doesn’t mean it can’t sound produced, complete with intro music, a narration talking about what will be on the episode, etc. A great example of this is the Manager Tools podcast. And if you are looking for something funny and well produced, take a cue from Never Not Funny.

Also, remember all of your listeners might not be aware of Naval jargon.

Overall, good start for the Navy in the podcasting space.

Thanks for the tip, Northnagle.


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New PAO Milblog

I’m back from my short hiatus now that I have moved into my new apartment (and have internet access again).

So much that I need to catch up on! There has been a lot over the past few days that I wanted to blog about.

The number one thing I need to share? A new milblog I came across written by a broadcaster for Armed Forces Network. His name is Chris Eder, he is a zoomie (Air Force guy) and is a smart, articulate writer.

This is definitely being added to my must read list. You should check it out too.

More from the D-Ring coming soon…

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